An Old Romanian Poem

I like the message of this poem, I dislike the too many political images in the video.

When I said I agree with the message I was thinking that for the individual it is better to be reasonable and detached from crowd turbulence or from his own passions. This is an egoist point of view. But when people are young they cannot follow such advices, even if they understand them, because their blood is too warm. They play foolish games regardless of anything. It is also true that if everyone will be cold and serene and detached, the world would fall apart, would be extinct. Fighting means life. I agree with the existentialists who said that the essence of man is to be involved, to be active, to take part.

Another translation for the same poem – link

About the poet – link

And another translation with another video, a sung poem:

You can find the whole poem translated as a comment, watching this last video on youtube.

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