Dandelion Dreams

Under domination of dandelion

What is love, what is a dream, what are our lives…maybe only dandelion fluff swept by the winds…rooted once again in another land when we don’t know their fate…
This plant was always special to me. Since I was a child. I begin to realize that it appears in the garden early in spring, when grasses aren’t yet there. Together with my great aunt and my grandma we were ripening dandelion leaves in our garden when it was still tender, because they must be cut fresh, before growing their stem. And we were making wonderful dandelion salad witch was the first fresh vegetable taste in the new year for me. This plant has various culinary and medicinal uses since ancient times. And the salad is delicious if the leaves are tender and young, (otherwise it is bitter), a good complement for other meals or snacks. Look here for example…(link)
Be careful if you make dandelion salad! You must scrub the green leaves of different impurities, they are very cheap, you can find them everywhere but they must be perfectly clean and pure.
As a child I found many other uses for dandelion. I was always impressed by the shiny brilliant golden flowers, appearing on the green meadows, scattered like eyes opened towards sky. I picked them. I also used the stems, which have a hollow inside, for making bracelets or improvised necklaces, because they can be twisted in rings, placing the top of the stem inside its lower part.
Then, when it was the time for dandelion fluff, I liked to blow over the globes as strong as I could. It is always a magical moment for a child to see those pretty starry seeds flying up and down. Different superstitions developed around dandelion flowers and seeds. (Link.)
I think that dandelions and their metamorphosis can be a metaphor for human life:
1 – fresh and tender leaves, delicious and good for health
2 – blooming and shining, charming our eyes in early spring
3 – starry, white, delicate, fragile globe, scattering its seeds over the land


I wrote a few haiku for dandelions. For example:

bee steps
on a dandelion flower –
pathway in the sun


dimming lights –
dandelion fluff falls
on the snail’s house

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