Spoiled Dogs

I always mourned the fate of chained dogs, living their lives turning around a small wooden box, with their feet and bodies squeezed in chains. Guarding the propriety and barking for their masters, longing for freedom and caresses.

But later I realized that some dogs can have a more cruel fate, even though they are pampered in various ways, they are washed clean in the bathroom and taken out in the street or in the park twice a day. They seem to be loved, but their master mistreats them under the umbrella of good intentions and veterinary periodical checks. A dog in chains is at least a real dog, raised for a specific purpose, while other dogs are serving the human need to have someone near, being so many times treated as if they were humans, neglecting their canine natural needs. Dogs are not puppets and should never be treated like that. This is why I wrote this poem.

A Dog’s Fate

That woman had a heart of stones.
She gave her puppy sweets and bones.
Too many carrots, also raw potatoes,
Cucumbers, peanuts and tomatoes.

Years passing, grew a diabetic dog,
Those sad big eyes melted in fog.
Six puppies she delivered hardly,
Her master flogging her so harshly.

She was good-natured after all,
Playing alone with her small ball.
And only once when she was cuddled
She bit that hand feeling befuddled.

She urinated on the floor,
That woman striking her once more.
A final stroke, her final plate.
Euthanasia was her fate.


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