Vagabond Dogs

I know that there many myths around vagabond dogs and I may offend some people’s feelings telling the truth. In fact a part of the truth. In my city there are different packs sheltered in the back of apartment blocks or in the courtyards of different institutions, if they are lucky.
I wasn’t. I was a great dog lover since I was a child, when I was raised playing with my dogs in the courtyard. I even had the talent of a tamer making one of my dogs jumping through a circle when I was very little. Another dog which was very dear to me, was waiting for me at the corner of my street when I was coming back home from school, walking all along the way on two feet. I was impressed, it was like living in a fairy tale.
I grew up and moved in the city. I was a Psychology student and I used to go from time to time to the Central Library for University students, when the books in the Faculty were not enough for me. The deposit was temporary because another building was in construction for more than 10 years. One evening I went out carefree from that library after reading what I needed then. I traversed the park nearby when all of a sudden a dog started to bark furiously and then jumped at my foot and bit me, tearing my thick blue jeans. It was a painful and bloody wound. A man was there as a kind of guard in a small shelter. He came to me and cleaned my wound with peroxide or something like that and said that that dog had puppies this is why it acted like that, but I don’t have to worry because she hasn’t rabies and it is not necessary to go to the doctor. I listened to his advice because many persons told me in the past that anti rabies prevention vaccine causes a great pain and I admit that I was also lazy to go to the doctor. I don’t advice you to do the same if you are bitten, it is better to be cautious. I kept those jeans as a memory, I wore them many years after that event.
Years passed and I moved to my own apartment on a semi-central street. One day a few years ago I was lucky to have some money to buy me a new dress from the local store. I went again to a library in the morning, where I was working as a novice librarian, cleaning shelves and old books in fact. Suddenly a big dog jumped on my back in our courtyard and bit me, tearing my new dress. I was not wounded this time, I didn’t expect this to happen. After that someone told me that that dog was not vagabond, in fact it was the dog of a neighbor who let it unleashed that morning. And someone was skilled enough to mend my dress.
But one of the most stressing situations is that the pack of dogs sheltered in the garden near the building where I live had a very unpredictable behavior. Many times they were wagging their tails, approaching me in a kind manner, fawning upon me and I was tricked believing they can like me and I was calm and happy about that. Then, maybe the next day, they were raging and furious, barking violently and almost biting me, many times I asked for the help of some neighbor to enter or to leave the building. And my feelings or my state of mind were the same. Only the dogs were changing. Dogs are like some people, they act good making you believe they respect you, then they change suddenly for unknown reasons.
Anyway they are well fed and I had no money to buy them the food they like. Moreover, in the last years they were included in a sterilization program, and all of them have now an label marker on one ear. In fact I still like them, I feel less lonely when I go out. Two of them are lamed dogs because they were running after cars „protecting” their territory. One is very old and has only two good legs. I admire him and his survival after all. He still barks, especially at night, preserving his energy in the cars shade when it is hot. The neighbors (and myself following their example) were accepting him in the building’s hall when it was very cold outside.
As a conclusion I need to say that you must be aware that even when your feelings are good and you walk calmly on your way you can be bitten unexpectedly in cities with vagabond dogs. But you don’t have to worry about that. You can avoid small parks, enclosures or gardens if you walk alone without a local guide.

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