Palm Sunday

In my country, Romania, the symbolical palm leaves are replaced on Palm Sunday with willow shafts. If you are walking on the streets, you can see church attendants carrying their willow bouquets to the church in the morning. If you are in your car, you can see in some villages young willow trees leaning against the wall near the front gate. People come back with those willow branches form the church, adorning then their house, especially the entrance. This year I saw willow branches hanging over one of my neighbor’s entrance door, here in my block of apartments.
For me Sunday was always the most beautiful day of the week. The day when I feel less burden and I feel more peace, calm and comfort. Usually, in the last years Palm Sunday was sunny, with mild temperatures. Two or three times I went in the city to the traditional fair organized especially for this occasion. (Link) There I could find things I always liked: artisanal products – pottery, adorned eggs, wooden objects, folk costumes, embroideries, etc. A few years ago I bought ceramic objects from there and also a few special eggs, which I keep as an ornament and a memory on one of my shelves.
Then, in the Holy Week, on Thursday or Saturday it is customary to boil and dye edible eggs in different colors, especially red (the symbol of Jesus Christ’s blood). Like this on Easter Day christian families gather together for lunch and before eating those colorful eggs, they knock them one to another speaking the words: „Christ is resurrected!”, with the answer „Truly resurrected!”. When I was a child this tradition was amusing, because children are happy to pick from the basket the toughest egg and break the other ones or stay unbreakable. I stood watching how my godparents were dyeing eggs. It is not very simple, because one must take care, in order to avoid the eggs shell cracking while boiling or dying and to avoid stains when color is applied. My godparents were rolling freshly dyed eggs on newspaper pages on the floor, and I did the same with my eggs. After the dyeing procedure, they were polishing them with a bit of lard, in order to create a beautiful shine.
Then it is also customary to give away and these colored eggs as a gift to neighbors, friends, relatives, children or poor people. And to receive other eggs in return. I confess that I always avoided to eat duck eggs, but this year I tasted for the first time in my life quail eggs from one of my mother’s neighbors, because I had to be polite during our lunch reunion. And I had the pleasant surprise to find that quail eggs taste is similar to chicken eggs taste. Anyway on Easter chicken eggs are preferred to others because they can be dyed more easily.

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