Sometimes I forget about the rest of my life, reminiscing beautiful moments of childhood. Usually I live in the present, I always considered the present more important than the past. Anyway, it is hard to explain, some memories are bringing a kind of peaceful joy into present days. I am remembering good old days, going where my heart is dragging me.
My memories invaded me because a few days ago I saw in the middle of the city a refuge especially made for pigeons. And they were flying over my head today. My family had an old house, a real refuge for pigeons. When I was playing in the yard or reading lounging on a chaise longue or a folding bed, I was listening to the hustle and bustle of hundreds of pigeons, nesting in the attic. Sometimes they were falling down from the roof (where they had their „living room”), before learning to fly and my uncle was throwing them back. Other times some of them were hurt or poisoned with chemical products scattered in the fields and we were doing our best to save them.
Then I moved in the city and for a long time I didn’t notice any pigeon. They reappeared in my sight in the 90’s. Some people in this city became very hospitable and attached with them, feeding them for example with wheat germs in different places on the streets or in the parks. Even me,  I did that once, happy to see them coming around me, having their lunch together with sparrows. But what seemed a little strange for me was the fact that seagulls (a natural enemy for pigeons) appeared in my city located far from sea, in the same time. They were flying on different boulevards, although the canal of the river was dry in the center of the town. The seagulls have been a constant companion for me until today, they are exploring every day the nearby roofs. I think that some cities have pigeons without hosting seagulls. I have seen many pigeons in Vienna or in Paris, where they were landing in front of the cathedral Notre Dame, among tourists. My city, Bucharest, doesn’t have the same tourist attractions those cities have. Anyway I was only a passer-by there for a few hours, I didn’t pay too much attention to these facts. And the ecological system in my city is in equilibrium with these vagabond pigeons on the streets. Near my apartment I noticed also magpies and crows.
But something more unusual happened when I  visited my grandfather in the countryside last year. A lost pigeon came into our garden. First, I watched him from a distance. He was alone and so sad… Then I noticed he had a green ring on his left foot with an inscription, a matriculation number on it. I understood that he belonged to some kind of nursery for pigeons, but who knows why he was lost there? My family gave him fresh water and food, but we could not save him. We did not know where to call for his rescue. In the village we did not have internet or other sources of information. Maybe no one would have come there for one single pigeon, but I felt so much pity for his fate…He slept in our courtyard one night. After two days he disappeared. I was really sad, the poor lonely one could not adapt in the wilderness, like other pigeons there. 😦

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2 thoughts on “Pigeons

  1. Oh I too remember how when I was growing up we only saw pigeons around and I think there were sparrows, robins or something similar. Nowadays I rarely see pigeons but instead the air is filled with seagulls every so often and these massive big black birds. I don’t know their names. These black birds seem to scare every other bird off and they do look quite menacing. Strange I think, although I would like to know why.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Here where I live there are too massive black birds (I don’t know their names), but also sparrows, magpies, lots of pigeons, seagulls and beautifully singing birds (I wished I knew their name too). I had pigeons in my balcony but I was obliged to destroy their nest, needing space for my laundry.

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