The Sun Always Rises …

Daybreak at the Golden Gate

Thinking about that I can say I was lucky. A sunrise is a good incentive for starting a new day. Knowing that the sun will always rise to enlighten our life is a good feeling. I am not thinking about any kind of Apocalyptic days, I simply think that we, earthly beings, are lucky to acknowledge that until now this is a certitude…or isn’t it?
I have a feeling that the Sun will shine every day from now on my whole life. I cannot predict something certain for the future. There are many expressions in different cultures about the Sun. For example, when a person feels that he overcame the unlucky long lasting events in his life, he can say: „Now the sun is shining on my street too.” If a person’s value is nor certain, or if it is disgraced, some people say: „He casts his shadow  on the ground in vain.” Because the sun is the cause of having this true and reliable companion in our lives – the shadow. If something seems strange or unusual for a moment, we can say in a wise manner: „Nothing new under the sun.” Can we, humble mortals, say like Dante that there is something above our Sun? „The Love which moves the sun and the other stars.” This leaves a door for interpretation, it places the human above the cosmic order or in the center, in a humanistic tradition. (Dante’s writings are related to early humanist ideas).
If you read my rambling thoughts here, I can say now that I am honored to be your contemporary, under the same sun, which cannot bring light to the whole planet in the same moment. We have something in common. I said I was lucky because my windows are oriented to the East. And in the countryside the view from our garden and in front of our front gate is revealing the newborn sun each day. Once upon a time, when I was young, I used to walk on the nearby streets, chasing the setting sun. I was in love with sunset colors, with the beauty of that moment, leaving sometimes a long lasting trail on the sky. Growing older I can say now that the rising sun inspires me more. Sunrises can bring at least the same awesomeness in one’s perception as the sunsets. The difference is that after a sunrise we are drawn in a new day, we have to let the dream melt into everyday life business. Like this the beauty of sunrises is less inspiring for dreamers who are enjoying more the sunset, slowly disappearing into the night.
I was once at the seashore to watch the sun rising from the sea. Those who leave near a sea or ocean East oriented are lucky to admire that. For me the sunrise became the most wondrous moment, reminding me of ancient myths. The moon was always less inspiring for me, hiding somewhere far from home or showing her face in full daylight sometimes. I also remember the total solar eclipse in 1999. I stood on a blanket on the ground watching the Sun disappearing with special sunglasses. The daylight through the eclipse seemed so eerie, as if I were transported to the Moon. Then I had lunch. That day I was not lucky.

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