Horses and Dogs

It was a saying in my country similar to that „Dogs are barking, the caravan passes”.
When I was young and I had my troubles, one of my friend was saying to me this: „Horses don’t die when dogs want this”.
I still remember, I was feeling confused about he meaning, what kind of horse was I?
A hauling horse, a free and wild horse, a horse used for entertainment purpose? Just joking. Dogs are not natural enemies of horses, but last autumn I had the proof that real horses don’t care too much about the dogs barking. And the dog tried to be the boss in vain.
I am sorry for the quality of the video. It was early morning in September and the herd was coming on a small village street, going towards the pastures. This brown dog was trying to make some order in those events, he was not the herd dog, that black dog belonged to the herd. Horses came first, then the cattle. I found this scene intriguing and amusing.

dogs and horses

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2 thoughts on “Horses and Dogs

  1. Looks like the dog just had to give up since the horses took no notice of it. I did feel a bit sorry for the dog. It looked lost afterwards, ha ha ha.

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